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Pop-Up Banners Johannesburg

Why You Should Advertise with Pop-Up Banners in Johannesburg

Haven’t used pop-up banners in Johannesburg for your advertising yet? Why not? Not sure what they are? Well, we’ll tell you! A pop-up banner is usually an oval banner and it is designed to work perfectly both indoors and outdoors. It’s called a “pop-up” banner because that is exactly what it does! It pops up and opens in seconds. This means that you won’t spend hours trying to unpack and set up the banner. The banner has two rings on the outside – simply pull them with both hands and in just 3 seconds, your banner is up and displayed! It’s that simple. The design is also eye-catching and the advertising space provided is sufficient for getting a good marketing message across. Of course, it’s not all about advertising – they also provide the perfect medium for decorating your stand or stall at outdoor events and functions.


Pop-up Marketing Banners
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At Portable Shade, we make it our duty to supply our clients with a range of top-quality pop-up banners that is durable and robust. Our pop-up banners can withstand fairly harsh weather conditions with their metal/aluminium frame and durable material screens. If you’re worried about losing your banner to the breeze or wind, make sure that you secure it with ground pegs – these are readily available too!

Pop-up banners are quite easy to see, especially if you’re clever with the artwork that you choose to include. Even at a busy sports event or exhibition, an oval banner placed strategically will grab the attention that your business needs. What’s more is that the product is quite compact and folds away into an even more compact lightweight unit. This means that they’re easy to carry from one site to the next and there’s no need to worry about how you will store them! Perfect for the business where space is a hot commodity.

Why do people choose pop-up banner designs over other designs available? This one is easy to answer! It’s all about being able to enjoy double the crowd communication benefits! Instead of just one advertising screen, you actually have two, thanks to the oval design! You can print the same campaign on both sides of the banner or you can include 2 separate advertising messages – one on each side. Pay for one banner – advertise twice! It’s really quite the bargain.

At Portable Shade, we create pop-up banners for Johannesburg businesses on a regular basis. We can assist you with finding just the right sized banner and can also help you with a professional design and print. We use top-quality design software to create artwork and we only print each banner in the best possible inks. This means no fading in the sunlight, or running in the rain or after an accidental spill. Your pop-up banner will do wonders for your business’s image and we can’t wait to be a part of the process!

If you want to learn more about our pop-up banners in Johannesburg, contact us via email or telephone at Portable Shade today.