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Outdoor Advertising

Top 3 Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Business Marketing

Outdoor advertising has definite advantages over radio and TV adverts. Outdoor advertising is a more “in your face” type of advertising medium and doesn’t necessarily have to be chosen by the target audience in order to be effective. If your outdoor advertising is used every day, the frequency that is experienced by viewers will create a lasting effect. You can tie your outdoor advertising in with your other advertising campaigns. For instance, your outdoor advertising can direct consumers to your website, social media platforms and similar.

When investigating your various advertising and marketing options, it can be a bit overwhelming. To help you with your decision, we have featured our top 3 outdoor advertising ideas for marketing your business below:

Branded Pop-up Gazebos
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  1. Gazebos – the ever-popular gazebo certainly has its place at outdoor events and functions. They’re great in that they provide shade from the sun and cover from the wind and rain, not just for your team, but for your customers too. Best of all, they do it in style: with your logo and company graphics emblazoned on them! You also get to choose from a selection of styles and sizes, including square, rectangular, hexagonal, cabana, kiosk, tunnel and ultra-shade styles.
  2. Flags – if you really want to grab the attention of your target audience, give them something to look at. Flags naturally draw attention with their movement and will be the ultimate way to get your presence noticed. Once again, they can say it all with a quirky quip or your company’s branding. Because you usually use flags in a series, you can really draw attention with a fun and clever message. At Portable Shade, you can choose from various types and styles of flags, including blade, curve, clover, telescopic and paddock flags.
  3. Team clothing – branded attire should certainly not be overlooked when it comes to outdoor advertising campaigns. By having a team wearing company branded attire that provides an interesting message and something of interest to the audience, you can really reach potential customers on all levels. Get your own branded attire or branded team wear at Portable Shade. We offer a variety of options to choose from including jackets, pit shirts, BMX shirts, fishing shirts and ladies’ promotional wear.

It is important to put some time, effort and thought into your outdoor advertising campaign. At Portable Shade, we believe in providing our clients with a complete outdoor advertising and branding solution. We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that our clients are provided with viable advertising solutions that can be used now and in the future. Your outdoor advertising and marketing should be long-term investments for your business, and we want nothing more than to ensure that your advertising spend is well worth it.

If you would like to learn more about the best outdoor advertising ideas for business marketing in an ever-competitive market, contact us at Portable Shade today. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you with your advertising needs.