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Flags and Banners Johannesburg

Advertising Flags and Banners for Sale in Johannesburg

Trying to decide what type of advertising is best for your business can be overwhelming. All you need to do is look to the big and successful brands to see how they are earning their success from a marketing point of view. Flags and banners seem to be highly popular. In fact, these advertising units have been tried, tested and trusted marketing tools in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa for many years now. These particular outdoor marketing items are designed to grab the attention of your target audience and have them getting in touch with you or making further enquiries.


Flags and Banners Johannesburg
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At Portable Shade, we understand just how important it is for you to have a marketing campaign and presence that truly works for your business. With this in mind, we present a variety of flags and banners to the market. These marketing items are of a high-quality and can withstand exposure to the elements, which means that they are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor advertising environments.

Some tips for advertising with flags and banners in Johannesburg are below:

  • Don’t just buy one banner or flag and expect it to work.

Be prepared to commit yourself to the cause. Design and purchase a series of flags or banners, so that the display will catch the attention of your target audience and keep them interested or entertained.

  • Be creative in your designs.

Yes your company colours might be black and white, but choose something that will really stand out. Clear and precise advertising messages attached to flags and banners that are brightly or boldly coloured is the best way to get your name and image out there in Johannesburg.

  • Choose the placement of your flags and banners carefully.

Ensure that they are located in a highly visible location and that the foot traffic and vehicle traffic is that of your target audience.

  • Keep your marketing message simple and don’t date it.

Don’t mention an event’s date or a special promotion, as this will only date your advertising unit.

At Portable Shade, we will ensure that you know precisely how to take care of your promotional flags and banners, in order to prolong their expected lifespan. We strongly believe that you can make effective use of it for many years to come, and if your marketing message is clear, simple and timeless – all the better for your advertising campaign. Each flag and banner is supplied with ground pegs or weights to ensure that they are kept firmly secured, even in windy conditions. They are also manufactured from water resistant and UV resistant material, to ensure an extended lifespan, even when exposed to the elements.

Those seeking out a reliable supplier of top-quality flags and banners in Johannesburg need to look no further. We would love to assist you with your advertising needs and requirements. Take the time to give us a call or send us an email at your earliest convenience for more information and advice on our product range and services.