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Fabric Frames

Three Fabulous Reasons to Use Fabric Frames for Brand Display

Fabric frames are not traditional advertising media, but because so many people have started to realise how effective these are to display their brands, they are being used increasingly in a variety of environments. They are also referred to as SEGs, which means Silicone-Edge Graphics. The technology entails a high-quality print on a fabric that has silicone strips around the edges. The fabric is then stretched across a frame with the use of grooves that fit the silicone edges. This means that there are no frames to detract from the image, and background lighting and other technology can be used to create a highly appealing image that is both crisp and clear. A lot of people are still using traditional paper printing technology, but fabric frames are clearly making their mark on some of the most sophisticated marketing strategies today.


fabric frames
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This is why you should invest in fabric frames for your next advertising campaign:

  1. Fantastic appearance: In retail environments especially, it is important to display product to potential customers, and while this traditionally happened via print media such as posters, the high quality and high visibility that fabric frames provide enables the shopper to notice the product easily and engage with the image on a new level. The look is classic and timeless, as there are no bulky frames to detract from the overall message of the image. In addition, the images on fabric frames can be made to stand out with lighting and other methods. The designs are printed on the fabric with a dye-sublimation system that produces vivid colours and clean lines, which means that the image is so much more visible and noticeable. These fabric frames create a dramatic visual effect that is impossible to ignore.
  2. Easy interchangeability: It is very easy to change the images and the fabrics on the frame. All that needs to be done is to remove the fabric from the frame by sliding the silicone edges out of the grooves, and a new image can then be put on the frame. This is so simple to do that it can be done by virtually any employee. If you have advertising or posters that need to be changed on a regular basis, this is a really economical and effective way to achieve high levels of interchange on the images you need to display.
  3. Large sizes are cost-effective: Because the fabrics used are very lightweight, they can be shipped across countries and from one location to another with ease. No more heavy paper posters! These fabrics weigh less and do not show creases or folds once they are stretched over the frame. This means that size is largely irrelevant – you can purchase a frame in the size of your choice and enjoy the cost-effectiveness of your brand displayed on large-sized frames.

If you would like to find out more about the use of fabric frames to market your brand, please give our team at Portable Shade a call as soon as possible.