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Canvas Printing

Bring Your Advertising to Life with Incredible Canvas Printing

You can spend most of your advertising budget on the concept and design of your campaign, but if you skimp on the delivery, it could all be for nothing. In the advertising world, it can be tough standing out in a sea full of brilliant ads vying for the limited attention span of a very competitive target market. It might be tempting to, during your efforts of thinking outside of the box, discard tried and tested methods of getting your message out there to your mass target audience. Don’t be tempted to fall into that trap.


canvas printing
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You can still set trends and lead thought in your industry by using traditional and effective delivery methods such as canvas printing. It all hinges on your message, design, and execution, and canvas printing remains an incredibly popular and effective way of supporting all three. Canvas is unlike any other material and fabric types. It offers a glossy, yet textured surface, making your print stand out through its unique finish.

It’s this textured finish that makes canvas such a forgiving printing surface. Canvas hides imperfections caused by enlarging an image that would otherwise be painfully obvious. Of course, the aim is to always have a high-quality print, irrespective of the printing medium used. We make this a reality for companies and brands every day, whether they choose canvas printing as their preference, or any other medium.

Standing Out with Canvas Prints

The best quality canvas is available in various sizes. It’s always best to discuss the ideal size print for your image with us. The image’s resolution has a huge impact on the ultimate size of the canvas used. This is why our in-house designers are always ready to share their expertise with you, and help you to choose the best option for your needs.

When using canvas printing as your advertising medium, especially if the media is going to be displayed outdoors, it becomes even more important that UV-resistant materials and UV-enhanced inks are used to make sure your product won’t fade and become worn out. Needless to say, we use both of these and many other methods to ensure the longevity of our clients’ canvases, and thus maximise their returns on the investment.

Getting Your Message Out There Without Damaging the Environment

We always endeavour to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible throughout all our business processes. To this end, we make exclusive use of 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. Aside from the green benefits of partnering with us for all your canvas printing needs, our canvas products also offer these great benefits:

  • Optimal picture depth achieved through contrasting texture;
  • Enhanced image definition, regardless of the size of the print; and
  • Enhanced colour contrast and easily cleaned and maintained canvas surface.

Whether you are using canvas printing to add some colour to your office, or want to grab hold of the attention of your consumers in a competitive space like an expo floor, we are your only choice for cost-effective, durable and arresting canvases. Speak to us about your vision, and we’ll be happy to turn it into reality.