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Branded Gazebos

The Secrets of Using Custom-Branded Gazebos for Advertising

All businesses need to get out there and reach their target markets in order to sell a product or service. We now know that it is crucial to firstly identify your target market, and then to familiarise your target market with your product or service. For this to happen, you have to build a brand. Sometimes a brand is synonymous with only one product or service, but often, differentiation takes place and several products or services can be provided by a brand. The main objective of a brand is to provide some kind of identity and association with the particular service or product to the potential consumer, and to create a desirable image of the brand in order for the potential audience to interact and invest in the brand.


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There are many different success stories. Porsche first started only with the manufacture of high-end sports cars. Then they realised that there is a wider market for their prestigious name, and they started designing household appliances. The brand itself has an identity that speaks of affluence, taste, and excellent design, and often those who cannot afford a Porsche vehicle may have the money to invest in a Porsche-designed household appliance, which means that this brand has successfully diversified into other markets. The familiarity and the image of the brand inspire people to purchase any product that they put their name on, and the crucial factor here was to create a consciousness and a perception of quality and prestige with the target market.

One of the ways that you can get your brand out to your potential audience is to use custom-branded gazebos. Whether you attend a sports event, tradeshow, corporate ceremony, celebration, or exhibition, your brand simply must be on display to be noticed by the people who matter most. They need to know not only that the brand exists, but they also need to be exposed to the product or service, and have an opportunity to interact with the brand to formulate a concept of what the brand is about and what they can expect from the service or product attached to the brand.

More traditional advertising media can be very expensive and fairly limited. Social media is always growing and this an effective and relatively inexpensive way to help your potential target market to interact with your brand, but one of the best methods of getting your customers on your side is to give them a chance to identify and familiarise themselves with the brand at events that count.

Branded gazebos are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising. Given the exposure a brand gets from these, and the festive atmosphere they provide, you cannot help but gain from purchasing one or even a few of these and displaying them at any given opportunity.

At Portable Shade, we design and manufacture custom-branded gazebos that will make your brand stand out above the competition. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you to boost the visibility of your brand!