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Printed Umbrellas

Five Top Reasons to Promote your Brand with Printed Umbrellas

If you have a business that is regularly present at outdoor events or places such as restaurants with outside areas, you may want to learn more about how you can benefit from advertising using printed umbrellas. Promote your business with a welcoming umbrellas that are highly visible to passing clientele or customers enjoying their shade is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your name out there, and to create better brand visibility. In addition, as you probably know, better brand visibility leads to better brand recognition, which leads to better brand loyalty. Why should you include branded umbrellas in your marketing strategy?


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  1. They are useful: You will notice printed umbrellas just about anywhere you do – this is because they provide shelter against the sun and the occasional shower, they create an intimate, fun space to sit in, and they improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of any space. When giving customers printed umbrellas to advertise your product, you can be sure that they will be used regularly, which is exactly what you want.
  2. They hold the three advantages of effective promotional items: We all know that if you want to impress with your marketing materials, there are three factors that are vital: They have to be useful, they have to be durable and reusable, and they have to be highly visible. Printed umbrellas conform to all of these requirements.
  3. High-value perception: Good umbrellas can be invaluable when you really need one. People will happily spend money on outdoor umbrellas to shield them against sun at the pool or on the patio, and as such, they carry social currency. Giving away well-made umbrellas bearing your brand name and colours is perceived as a high-quality gift, and this elevates the impression people have of the value of your company.
  4. They are durable: Modern umbrellas are made from fabrics that are treated to withstand environmental conditions. They will not easily fade in the sun, it does not matter if they get wet, and they are tough and reliable enough to be constantly reusable. This means that your brand is on display for everyone to see for the life of that umbrella – which is a long time!
  5. Highly visible: Looking at any restaurant or sports event it is easy to spot the umbrellas as they stand out above eye level, and this makes it easy to announce the presence of your brand and for people to identify it. You are able to create innovative designs and specific looks, and shrewd designers can really give you the edge over the competition when you choose great images and colours to make it more noticeable.

If you would like to market your brand with printed umbrellas, give our team at Portable Shade a call. We will take you through our excellent product range and show you examples of the printed umbrellas we have created for our clients. We are also able to custom-design umbrellas for your event or promotion. Call us today to find out more.