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Digital Printed Products

4 Top Reasons to Use Outdoor Digital Printed Products to Boost Business

The importance of printed media and products is certainly not lost in the advertising world, and if you want to ensure that you address all advertising options and capitalise on the opportunities available to you – printed products should have their place as part of your advertising campaign. In fact, digital printed products can and do play a big role in raising a business’s profile. Amongst other things, digitally printed products allow companies to communicate a powerful message to their target audience. Companies can really get creative in order to get their customers thinking... thinking about them!


Branded Pop-up Gazebos
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  • Where and how can you use printed products to advertise your business? For starters, it is common practice to have advertising within your business premises, but businesses that take the plunge and invest in outdoor advertising will reap far greater benefits. If you haven’t yet ordered your printed outdoor advertising products, now is the time! At Portable Shade, we often hear business owners trying to select the right advertising products and we are always more than willing to provide sound advertising and printing advice.

    Below we list 4 of our top reasons why you should use outdoor digital printed products for your advertising purposes:

    1. You can connect directly with your target audience and the public – there’s no middle man! Presenting digitally printed products to the public is the best way to deliver a message directly to them. You can even include a QR code, so that they can take action or you can include your social media contact information.


    1. You can enjoy a greater reach – it’s one thing to have banners and posters inside your shop, and you might advertise in the same newspaper every week, but how do you reach potential customers that don’t visit your store or read that newspaper? By strategically placing digitally printed advertising products, you can grab the attention of potential consumers that might not have even been aware of your existence.
    1. The advertising message is simple, clear and powerful – there’s great room for confusion in radio and television advertising. Digitally printed outdoor advertising products will ensure that a clear and simple design is used and that the message doesn’t confuse or distract from the actually business and products.


    1. Your advertising message will be consistent – this ensures that the message isn’t easily forgotten. If you drive past the same advert every day, chances are that you are going to remember the company the next time that you need what that business has to offer. This is exactly how your outdoor advertising will affect your target audience. It is often advised that you use your advertising in repetition. This is easily done with banners, flags and similar.

    If you are looking for the right selection of digital printed products for advertising your business, consider our range at Portable Shade. We offer gazebos, banners, flags, umbrellas, furniture and clothing as part of this range. If you would like to find out more about our outdoor advertising products, take the time to contact us at Portable Shade via email or telephone today.