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Custom Branded Gazebos

Harness the Power of Your Brand with Custom Branded Gazebos

One of the fundamentals of marketing is to inform the market of the presence of your brand. If people don’t know that your brand, product, or service exists, they cannot support it. Therefore, it is crucial that you make your brand as visible as possible and that you get as many people to familiarise themselves with the brand, logo, and brand message as possible.


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Research has proven that people are much more likely to buy or use a brand that they have been exposed to than using one that they are entirely unfamiliar with, and as part of your marketing strategy, it is vital that you get people to notice your brand. One of the best and most cost-effective ways of doing this is to increase the visibility of your brand at trade shows, sporting events, and other functions that could be used to draw the interest of your target market with the use of custom branded gazebos, flags, banners, and posters.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. First, you have to announce to your target market that your brand exists! You have to elevate the visibility of the brand to the right people. A great step in the right direction is to get your brand, logo and colours into the faces of as many people as possible. This means that you simply have to include your brand in a variety of advertising media such as television, print, and social media, and that you have to attend functions, events, and exhibitions where you can expose your brand to your potential target market. If you have a limited budget, you can use cheaper methods, such as custom branded gazebos or banners, because traditional media can set you back a hefty sum.

  2. Now you must get your target market to recognise your brand. Once they have been exposed to the product, service, or brand, they will retain information about this and recognise the brand when they see it again. This means you should have great design and innovative marketing strategies. Once your brand is recognised by your audience, you can capitalise on the next step.

  3. Once the brand is recognised and the potential customer has found out a little bit about it, they become familiar with it. Now you have to capitalise on that familiarity by driving them to make a purchase, to sample your products, or to use your service. This will swing the odds into your favour and they are much more likely to use your product than some other product that they have no brand familiarity with.

  4. After your customer has made a purchase, sampled your product, or made use of your service, you have to keep them coming back. Reminding them of your presence is important to refresh the idea, and constantly marketing at events and exhibitions with the use of banners and custom printed gazebos is probably one of the methods that add the most value and provide the best return on your investment. Remember that the design of your logo has to convey the message you want to deliver and that your promises are delivered upon, and they will keep coming back for repeat business!

If you are looking for printed gazebos, banners, or flags to advertise your product, please contact our expert team at Portable Shade!