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Canvas Printing

The Benefits of Choosing Canvas Printing for Advertising and Displays

In the advertising world, it can be tough to decide which types of products, materials, fabrics and printing processes are going to be right for your business. Typically, it is the industry professionals who will have all the know-how when it comes to various types of printing for the best possible results. In the portable shade industry, we have certainly noticed the popularity of canvas printing and, of course, its effectiveness as an advertising tool.

Canvas is unlike other material and fabric types. It generally offers a glossy, yet textured surface, which means that your print will stand out and have a unique finish. It is the textured finish of canvas that makes it such a forgiving printing surface. Take for example a large photo print on normal photo paper or similar. The smooth and sheer finish of such paper will certainly show up any loss of quality experienced during enlarging the image. Canvas will hide such imperfections perfectly. Of course, the objective is to have a high-quality print, regardless of the printing medium and at Portable Shade, we can make this a reality for you, whether you choose canvas or any other medium.

Top-quality canvas is generally available in a variety of sizes and it is always best to chat with your printer about the ideal size print for the image that you have. The resolution of the image will play a big role in this particular decision. At Portable Shade, we encourage our clients to consult with our in-house designers about their image quality and what their realistic options are before going ahead with any print jobs.
When using canvas printing for advertising, especially if the product is going to be used outdoors, it is important to ensure that your manufacturer and printer makes use of UV-resistant materials, as well as UV-enhanced inks to ensure that your product doesn’t fade and start to look worn out.

At Portable Shade, we do our best to do our bit for the environment. We endeavour to always use 100% green and biodegradable materials. Our canvas products also offer the following benefits:

  • Optimal picture depth is achieved by the texture of the canvas.
  • Colour contrast is enhanced.
  • Definition of your image is enhanced, regardless of how big or small your print is.
  • Canvas product surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you are using canvas printing to add a splash of colour to your home or to ensure that your consumers notice that you at an exhibition or event, we can assist you with creating just the right product for the job.

If you are looking for an effective way to market and advertise your business outdoors or at events, canvas printing is certainly the way to go. We have assisted many clients with great success and have a variety of past projects to show you as proof of our skills and product quality. We welcome all interested parties to contact us via email or telephone to learn more about our range of portable shade products, and to find out how to effectively advertise your business with our various canvas printing options.

With our pop up gazebo range at Portable Shade, you can effectively provide your customers with shelter from the elements, while you advertise to a large targeted audience and save on time, money and storage space. We recommend that you browse through our online products listing or get in touch with one of our consultants, so that you can view a sample of our pop up gazebos and investigate your branding options.

At Portable Shade, we welcome all those who are looking for an affordable and effective way to enjoy a noticeable presence at events and exhibitions, so take the time to discover our range. We encourage you to get in touch with us via email or telephone to further discuss your needs and to be provided with a quotation to consider. Get the best quality and most affordably priced pop up gazebo from Portable Shade today.