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Advertising Gazebos

Benefits of Using Advertising Gazebos to Get your Brand Noticed

If you want to sell a product or a service, you must let your target market know that the brand exists, and they ways in which they can make use of it. Clever marketing entails bringing the brand to the people – the potential customers – and it is important that your customers know that your brand is out there, ready and waiting for them. They need to see the brand and become familiar with it.


advertising gazebos
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The essence of any good marketing campaign is to bring the brand closer to the customer and to familiarise them with the brand. We all know that brand familiarity is one of the cornerstones of good advertising, and this is why companies spend so much time and money on television, print, and radio. These campaigns often cost a lot of money to get right, and even then, you are not always guaranteed that your product would be best placed in the advertising space that is provided. For instance, if you advertise on television, you may have a 30-second slot to get your brand noticed with an ad. Most people hate television ads (unless they are really memorable or funny) and your audience may not even be in the room when your advert screens.

Advertising gazebos, on the other hand, cost a lot less and you can target your audience through the events that you attend with your branding materials. Because branded gazebos stand out above head level, they are noticeable, and this means that your brand gets noticed wherever you are. Sports days, corporate events, trade shows, conferences, meetings, awards ceremonies, and exhibitions all provide productive places to set up your advertising gazebos and to make sure that your brand gets noticed by the people who matter most.

There are many advantages associated with advertising gazebos, and these include:

  • Great design: In the past, it used to be hard to erect them and quite a number of hands were needed. The modern branded gazebos are designed to be easy to put up and to take down, and depending on the model you use, a gazebo can even be erected by one person. This means that if you are on a sales team and you constantly travel to sales events, that you can set up an effective stand for your brand without too much help from others.
  • Lightweight: The modern materials used are lightweight and often allow the stowed gazebo to be carried by one person.
  • Compact: Storage is often at a premium and if you are constantly on the move, you need to be able to fit all your marketing materials into one vehicle. At Portable Shade, we provide you with advertising gazebos that fold up and fit neatly into a super-compact carrier bag that is easy to store and transport. This means that storage will be no problem and that you can carry your gazebo with you wherever you need to.

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